3 Reasons Why The House Didn’t Sell | Kasama Lee

3 Reasons Why The House Didn’t Sell | Kasama Lee

Did you know that not all homes get sold the first time around on the market? There are various factors that could play into the reason(s) why it didn't sell.  I made this video to explain some of the reasons.  


We actually sold a home that was on the market prior.  The home was listed with another agent and it sat on the market until the listing expired.  The seller contacted us and we went in and put some strategies in place and voila... it sold!  While there is no guarantee when the home would sell, we have been relatively successful in selling homes that we listed on the market, provided the seller was willing to apply the various strategies we recommended.  Feel free to share this video with those who may be curious about how to get their home sold successfully.



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