Are You Curious What A Probate Sale Is? | Kasama Lee

Are You Curious What A Probate Sale Is? | Kasama Lee

Here's an exciting and informative video I've made for you about what a probate sale is. want to keep things real and honest with you. Having your property in a probate sale is never on anyone's wish list but it could happen to anyone if they are not legally prepared for the unexpected. 


Watch this video and feel free to share it with those you care about. Having a will and or a trust is so important so you can avoid a probate sale. Feel free to reply to me if you would like to speak to a legal expert to get a will or a living trust set up or more information about how a property would end up in a probate sale.


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A Client Story

A loving congratulations to our client, Jane, for a successful sale of this probate property. A true fixer with so much upside potential. This was a long and arduous process to get to the finish line. There are two types of probate sales. One is without court approval, and the second one requires court approval.

Well, we hit a jackpot! This one required court approval…yes, the whole elaborate legal thing needed to happen. We had to appear in court in front of the judge for the honorable to approve the sale.

This transaction took a village. A loving shout out to the amazing Tammara Brown and her legal team at CA Legal Docs for the gazillion legal documentations and hoop-jumping of more documents and compliance of court filing tasks required! Your team were a rock star! Thank you for your trust in referring Jane to us.

And to our amazing Jane, the true warrior of the story.  She showed up with grace and a smile on her face through all the expected and unexpected speed bumps…and there were quite a few!  How you handled adversity inspired the heck out of me!

Man, we were all such a fantastic, superhero team. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to partner with.

If you are in a probate or a legal situation, don’t know where to get started, and need to sell, contact us. We got this down and we know what to do to get you to the finish line safely.

Who you work with matters.

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